S.F.’s Anchor Brewing Company Honors Football Bet, Serves Brooklyn Beer

The main tank room at Anchor.
The main tank room at Anchor. Photo: Courtesy of Anchor Brewing Co.

San Francisco’s Anchor Brewing Company, which bills itself as America’s First Craft Brewery, placed a bet a couple weeks back with Brooklyn Brewery over the NFC Championship game in which the losing brewery would serve their rival’s beer for a week on brewery tours. Alas, the 49ers lost, and thus this week finds tour guides at Anchor wearing Giants jerseys and serving Brooklyn’s Sorachi Ace beer on each of their two daily tours.

As the Chronicle’s Inside Scoop blog reports, the Brooklyn brew will be poured through Friday, and likely downplayed in the tasting room when placed alongside the half dozen or so Anchor beers on tap. But a bet is a bet and besides, Sorachi Ace is good stuff!

Anchor Brewing Company honors its NFL bet with Brooklyn Brewery this week
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