Amsterdam Falafel Makes Plans for Davis Square


A while ago, we posted a very crucial question: Where in Boston should D.C.’s most amazing falafel bar open? Well, we have an answer. Amsterdam Falafel & Fries wants to move into the Diva Lounge space in Davis Square. This news, coupled with the Painted Burro opening in a few weeks (not to mention Tasty Burger’s expansion plans), strongly ups the neighborhood’s snackability quotient. For the uninitiated: Amsterdam Falafel is just plain awesome. We’ve gained lots of weight there. We could die happy, face down in one of their many mayonnaisses.

This Grub editor once resided in Washington and spent many, many nights at Amsterdam Falafel, ladeling fries and falafel with exotic mayos, strange hot sauces, and pickled vegetables. There are 21 sauces to be exact, and sandwiches are whipped up in 2-5 minutes. Service is real nice, too.

For those of you who aren’t put off by the surly service at Diva, fret not: Their restaurant section will remain open. But, really, when there’s delicious falafel right next door, who needs $20 vindaloo? We recommend a merger. Saag panner-topped fries, anyone?

Fry tip to Boston Restaurant Talk for following the story.