Actually Pretty Awesome: The Roasted Broccoli Sandwich at Split Pea Seduction

Roast broccoli on country white with cheddar sauce and fried onions.
Roast broccoli on country white with cheddar sauce and fried onions. Photo: Jay Barmann/Grub Street

Maybe you, like us, are trying to eat a little less richly this month. We ourselves are trying to ease into some sort of cleanse by avoiding fatty meats for a few weeks. That’s not to say today’s pick for Actually Pretty Awesome is health food, by any means. The roasted broccoli sandwich, an occasional vegetarian choice of the day at Sixth Street’s Split Pea Seduction, is nevertheless an awesome, hearty sandwich that keeps us coming back.

Let’s start with the bread: thick-cut country white, nicely toasted, which is practically a meal in itself. Then you’ve got hard-boiled eggs, spicy dijon mustard, roasted broccoli, crispy fried onions, and a cheddar sauce that is less sauce than it is a chunky cheddar paste — it may even have potato in it. Put it all together and you’ve got a lunch and a half, and something that will leave you feeling a modicum more healthy than, say, if you ordered the meatloaf sandwich (also excellent).

As always, the diet starts next week.

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