212 Pier Owners Buy Joe’s Grill in Santa Monica

Joe's Grill
Joe's Grill Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Time-worn Joe’s Grill on Main Street in Santa Monica was just purchased by a neighbor. 212 Pier, the crowded house of bohemian coffee hermits in the One Life Building around the corner, are taking over Joe’s under the name “Tapas and Wine LLC.” According to a server at the diner, the owners plan to keep Joe’s the same for a spell, while making significant improvements. Following a six-month transfer period, the restaurant could change concepts or roll on as an improved diner space. Currently, owners were unavailable for comment. But while Joe’s is a dependable, if far from incredible, diner, it could certainly use some rehab from a caring local if it’s to survive both the years to come and the altered face of Main Street.