Zimzala Puts Our Chicken and Waffles into a Prosciutto Panini

Zimzala's chicken and waffle panini Photo: Zimzala at Shorebreak

Oh fried chicken and waffles, we know you’re Southern and all, but there are still days when it feels like you belong to Southern California. Whether you’re being veryvery good to a Dodger great at Roscoe’s, playing lead role in a sandwich at The Six, or massaged by a Patina alum at Ra Pour, you simply can’t deny feeling appreciated around here. Zimzala, the restaurant at The Shorebreak Hotel in Huntington Beach, unveils the latest in chicken-and-waffle innovation, with a panini version of the down-home comfort couple from chef Roy Hendrickson.

Zimzala's chicken and waffle panini Photo: Zimzala at Shorebreak

Hendrickson’s panini uses the waffles as bread, and besides the main attraction of fried bird, has plenty to say for itself with toppings that include tomato jam and wasabi arugula, prosciutto, and gruyere pressed into the sandwich, and drizzled in bechamel as well as a side of sweet potato tots.

The panini joins other fun seasonal items like a sloppy joe with housemade pickles and homemade ice cream in flavors like PB&J;, Cocoa Puffs, and salted caramel granola, that are being served for a limited time here. The restaurant also recently opened a quick-service depot called Zimzala a Go-Go for breakfast burritos and cereal cups in the early hours.

But it’s the panini that most piques our interest, bringing our monster plate of messy chicken and waffles into the ordered land of handheld refinement. Find it served through winter at Zimzala at Shorebreak.