Wolvesmouth Crafts a 40-Course Dinner

Craig Thornton's uni tart
Craig Thornton's uni tart Photo: KevinEats

And speaking of cool dishes, L.A.’s tag-team of menu shutterbugs, KevinEats and Darin Dines, regale us with photos from an epic, 40-dish birthday feast prepared this past Saturday by underground dinner party Wolvesden’s chef/owner Craig Thornton, aka Wolvesmouth. From an uni tart to the chef’s pine soda to the dessert of tofu-donut mousse, Thornton’s alluring procession of 40 mini dishes best exemplify why he’s become such a well sought-out, typically sold-out, sensation. Eat your heart out, El Bulli! [Kevin Eats/Darin Dines]