Wolfslair Biergarten Coming to Hollywood in January

From inside the lair Photo: Wolfslair

After Ivan Kane closed his Sunset + Vine spectacle, Cafe W as, there were rumors that Art Davis–who, with his brother Allan, is involved with the nightclub Voyeur, and formerly Chi, The Lounge and Dragonfly from back in the day–planned a German-style beer hall for the space. All true: The awning is up, the final details are coming together, and look for Wolfslair Biergarten to open the second week of January. Allan tells us that while he is involved, "the face of Wolfslair will be the next generation of Davises, Luke and Dylan." Sons or nephews, we’re not sure. So what’s on tap here?

From inside the lair Photo: Wolfslair

Davis says the menu will be German-inspired with a mix of American comfort foods, and a large beer selection. The space—remember the rotating piano in the middle of the dining room, and the stairs that went nowhere?—has been opened up for "a more communal feel." Initially Wolfslair will open for dinner, and then lunch and weekend brunch. We suppose Hungry Cat could use a little company.

Hopefully the name is more a reference to the Hollywood castle Wolf’s Lair (Moby’s new home) or some boy-fantasy about running with the wolves, and not that other Wolf’s Lair from the past. And please, Tweeters, make sure you add the ‘LA’ at the end of the @WolfslairLA. Trust.

Wolfslair Biergarten, 1521 N. Vine St., Hollywood