Water Grill Closing for a Month to Expand Menu, Dining Room, and Kitchen

Uni at Water Grill Photo: Hadley Tomicki

Water Grill, Downtown’s sterling seafood palace, is shutting down for a month starting on December 18th, L.A. Downtown News reports, with plans to reopen in mid-January. The restaurant reportedly plans a "major renovation" to expand its dining room and kitchen during the temporary shutter, while plans for an expanded menu and craft beer and cocktail program is also planned. Still, one must wonder if its months-long search for a new executive chef might have something to do with the time-out.

Uni at Water Grill Photo: Hadley Tomicki

Master chefs like Michael Cimarusti and David LeFevre have ruled at Water Grill at times during its 20 year career, but after Lefevre’s departure to open his own M.B. Post in the fall of 2010, the restaurant was left looking for an equally strong rudder. Talented Top Chef-testant Amanda Baumgarten briefly followed LeFevre, but left after seven months.

Since her departure in September, we’ve followed a furious search online for a new exec chef to helm Water Grill, which have abated as of late, rousing our curiosity as to whether the reopening will come with a chef announcement. In any case, it fortunately doesn’t look like the restaurant is in any danger of swimming away soon, as LADTN reports a new lease was just signed for the restaurant’s next 20 years on Grand Ave.

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