Warren Beatty Toasts Son at Il Covo; Jenni Rivera Spotted at Lola’s

Jenni Rivera, with her sublime style straight from Long Beach Photo: Lunchbox LP via Flickr

Here’s wishing you a wonderful weekend with your friends and family, whether you’re celebrating your daughter’s decision to become a dude, like Warren Beatty did this week at Il Covo, or watching your offspring get crowned 2012’s Miss Golden Globe, like Andie McDowell at Cecconi’s this week. Personally, we’d probably prefer the former for our own brood, but it doesn’t really matter as long as everyone’s all together, right? Have yourself a happy holiday full of great food and strong drink. Next week, our favorite magical elf will be crafting Grub Street L.A. while we hibernate before ushering in 2012. We’ll see you back here on Tuesday. Here’s to happy holidays and a perfect new year!

Jenni Rivera, with her sublime style straight from Long Beach Photo: Lunchbox LP via Flickr

Cecconi’s: Andie McDowell’s daughter, Rainey Qualley, was named Miss Golden Globe at the restaurant on Thursday, stealing our title but not our self-worth. [USA Today]

Chaya Venice: Californication chrome dome Evan Handler was sitting at the bar with his homie on Tuesday night. A source claims that his wedding ring didn’t seem to deter him from checking out each and every chick who walked by. [GS]

Comme Ca: Modern Family super-stud Jesse Tyler Ferguson was at the restaurant on Saturday night. [GS]

Gjelina: Tim Robbins…again and again and again. All day, all night, Tim Robbins. Anyway, we’ll probably be rooting for Andy in Shawshank Redemption at least twice this holiday weekend. [GS]

Il Covo: Warren Beatty toasted his daughter’s choice to live life as a man named Stephen at the Italian beauty. [CTV]

Lola’s: Long Beach banda sensation Jenni Rivera caused excitement amongst fans when dining here this week. Staff lowered the lights to protect her privacy. [GS]

Madeo: Director Brett Ratner had some Italian to fuel up for the 20-years-too-late production of Hong Kong Phooey. [Contact Music

Ralph’s: Pete Wentz stuck his tongue out to prove pushing a shopping cart in Sherman Oaks doesn’t mean he’s been completely domesticated. [The Superficial]

Tumbleweed & Dandelion: Robert Downey Jr. bought a stash of the Abbot Kinney decorator’s insanely addictive cranberry toffee this week. [GS]