Wal-Mart’s Fruitcake Mascot Not Taking Off Like the Chain Might Have Hoped

Photo: Adweek

You know what’s creepier than an actual fruitcake? A digital talking fruitcake that sounds like Bobcat Goldthwait! Bizarrely, Wal-Mart thought it’d be a great idea to alienate your loved ones this holiday season in the form of wannabe-meme Frank the Fruitcake, an animated dessert with fruity hair. The croaking carb is intended to be sent to "friends" via Facebook, possibly as a joke. "Check out my abs! Pil-a-tes! I’m the total package! Take it all in! Let it wash all over you!" the loaf urges. "You’ve just hit the Christmas gift jackpot!" Sadly but not shockingly, Frank’s fifteen minutes of fame appear to be up. He has a mere 533 "likes" on Facebook and just seven YouTube subscribers. In other words, he’s no Marcel the Shell. [Frank the Fruitcake/Wal-Mart]