Wahlburgers Gets the Bon App Treatment: Government Cheese Goes Mainstream


It pays to be related to Mark (and, OK, Donnie) Wahlberg. Chef Paul Wahlberg’s South Shore burger shack has gotten incredible press everywhere from hometown newspapers to hard-hitting food sites like Us Weekly. And now Bon Appétit has caught wind of the Wahlburger’s craze, even using local parlance to deem it "wicked pissah."


One thing isn’t "pissah" according to Paul, though: Planet Hollywood. "Planet Hollywood had some real star power behind it. They’d have done well if they asked one question: ‘How’s the food?’" he told Bon App. In other words, glamorous siblings don’t matter if the food isn’t good.

But, well, they can help a little. Wahlberg reveals that there might be a burger reality show in the works. Thankfully, though, Wahlberg’s staple product is actually quite tasty. Bon App gives props to his custom-blend patty topped with lettuce, onions, tomato, and government cheese. The cheese is a nod to Wahlberg’s hardscrabble childhood in Dorchester. Is this the first time government cheese has ever been praised in Bon Appétit, let alone appeared on the small screen? We’re thinking probably.

Walhburgers Is Wicked Pissah [BA]

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