Tim Robbins Hits Gjelina Takeaway; Ludacris Drinks at Delphine as Spike Lee Sits Nearby

Tim Robbins, in line at Gjelina like the rest of us this morning Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

While we busied ourselves trying to figure out what the hell Brittny Gastineau does, on the heels of an appearance at The Living Room, Delphine found itself with a power-packed dining room we would have killed to even breathe in this week. There sat Spike "Sucker Free" Lee last Saturday, having dinner while thespian Ludacris eyed chicken n’ beer at the bar. Need some icing on that cake? We’ll see you one Forest Whitaker, who was also chowing down in Sascha Lyon’s Frenchie. Elsewhere, we watched as Tim Robbins carried the world’s biggest to-go bag out of Gjelina this morning, George Clooney had dinner with one of the Kiebler elves (or something like that) at Craig’s, Hannibal Lecter kept it liver-free at RockSugar, and even Lindsay Lohan dared brave the Chateau Marmont without consequence. Check out all of this, and so much more (including Jeff Goldblum), in this week’s Celebrity Settings.

Tim Robbins, in line at Gjelina like the rest of us this morning Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Chateau Marmont: Lindsay Lohan tempted fate with a night out on the town? Won’t somebody please buy her Netflix for Christmas? [Zimbio]

Craig’s: George Clooney took his girl out for dinner. [People]

Delphine: Spike Lee had dinner on Saturday while Ludacris appeared to be in negotiations at the bar. As if that wasn’t already cool enough, "Ghost Dog" Forest Whitaker was also having dinner that night. [GS]

Erbe Matte: Stan Lee came for lunch. [GS]

EVO Kitchen: Russel Brand and Katy Perry are apparently big fans, according to the restaurant’s PR. [GS]

Gjelina: Reese Witherspoon had dinner with dad. This British paper calls it "Angelina’s." [Daily Mail UK]

Gjelina Take Away: Tim Robbins left with a massive bag of goodies this morning that could have easily fit breakfast, lunch, and dinner. [GS]

La Poubelle: Robert Pattinson was dining out with an unknown lady. [Gawker]

The Living Room: Singer Luis Miguel was spotted with friends, including Brittny Gastineau, getting down to some jazz on Sunday. [GS]

Madame Chocolat: Mario Lopez brought his dimples to buy chocolate Cheerios from Hasty Torres. [GS]

McDonald’s: LeAnn Rimes and her husband hit the Golden Arches at LAX. [WSJ]

RockSugar PanAsian Kitchen: Anthony Hopkins dined here twice this week. On Wednesday, he and a guest had hot tea and vegetarian brains flatbread. [GS]

STK: Jeff Goldblum had dinner on Saturday night and ate tuna tartare and oysters, followed by a 10 oz. filet. Is he bulking up for a role? [GS]