The Only Thing Pennsylvanians Hate More Than The LCB Are the Plans to Scrap It

"They must've been drunk when they came up with this plan." Photo: iStockPhoto

As state lawmakers revisit plans to privatize liquor and wine sales in Pennsylvania, the bill put forth by House Majority Leader Mike Turzai earlier this year is looking more and more like it’s not the place to start, as Gov. Tom Corbett called it when first introduced. As the AP reports, State Auditor General Jack Wagner believes the bill comes up short and will only lead to higher booze prices and much lower tax revenue for the financially fraught state. He argues that liquor and wine sales are one of Pennsylvania’s few sources of revenue, and privatization will only put that money into the hands of big-box retailers from out of state.

"They must've been drunk when they came up with this plan." Photo: iStockPhoto

The state’s beer makers are also in opposition to it, because it will ease rules on liquor and wine, but not beer. Meanwhile, Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association and Pennsylvania Convenience Store Council are attacking the, bill because they believe it’s scope is too narrow and should make room for more retail businesses to be allowed to sell alcohol.

It’s funny: It seems the only thing Pennsylvania hates more than the LCB are the plans to scrap it.

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