The Dead Rabbit Will Bring Industrial-Age Drinking to the Fidi


Harry Poulakakos & Co. have been busily making plans for financial district domination, what with those Pier A restaurants, dog-themed the Growler, and now forthcoming cocktail bar Dead Rabbit. Lauded U.K. bartender Sean Muldoon, along with Puck Fair's Danny McDonald, has been working on the concept, which is named for an Irish gang that existed in the mid-nineteenth century, for the past year, and what he describes to us suggests that the industrial age is indeed steaming hot. Though he can't disclose the bar's location yet, Muldoon mentioned that he's hoping to create a dual-drinking concept including the Tap room, a pubby pit stop open all day for Irish whiskey and craft beers, and the Parlor, an evening-only cocktail den focused on quaffs from the 1850s and 1860s.

In true long-ago style, the Tap Room will offer at least one variety of "unhopped beer," a bland brew designed as a vehicle for "pop-ins," liquor-and-botanical shots that make a cocktail of sorts out of a pint. Think something along the lines of Dr. Butlers Purging Ale ("Unhopped ale mixed with a nip of aqua vitae infused with agrimony, senna, oak and maidenhair fern" as Muldoon explains it). The pop-in concept dates back to the seventeenth century, Muldoon says. Spirits-oriented types will be able to order bottled cocktails, "proper cocktails served form the fridge — you pour your own cocktail," explains Muldoon.

In a separate room, the Parlor will offer the finest libations from the pre-martini age, which, as you'd suspect, involves lots of punches, including ice-cream punches; also spiced wines, and refined bottled cocktails like the Lovage (housemade gin, celery, fennel, cinnamon, and caraway).

Muldoon also plans to serve food, though he admits that old-timey nibbles could prove more elusive in appeal than vintage drinks; that aspect is still in the works. If all goes as planned, look for the Dead Rabbit to open this spring.