Sfoglia’s Cultishly Craved Bread Now Available to Take Home

You know your mouth just started watering.
You know your mouth just started watering. Photo: Natalie Weil

Anyone who’s eaten at Phoebe Cates favorite Sfoglia surely remembers the bread, which is extra crusty on its browned exterior and nearly doughlike inside. Well, now Grub learns that the restaurant, after many requests, is offering its pane rustica for retail sale. Every Tuesday through Sunday, the large loaves ($8.50) are available from 10 a.m. till they run out. It’s not Sfoglia’s first foray into takeaway — a few years back it opened the short-lived Tutto Sfoglia shop, which offered housemade fresh pastas and other things in addition to the bread. However, "I guess if there’s one thing that people ask for or want us to sell it’s certainly the bread," manager Adrien Martin tells us. Right now the restaurant is baking 25 to 30 loaves a day for takeout, and you can reserve yours by e-mailing bread@sfogliarestaurant.com; that address is also the one for holiday bread orders.