Santa Barbara Organizes Film Feast to Spotlight Its Wine and Restaurants

Pretty as a picture Photo: Kev Cole via Flickr

While Santa Barbara’s restaurant scene doesn’t solely compel anyone to take a ride up the 101, the seaside city’s annual film festival has only strengthened over the years, leading to its current celeb-laden and premiere-heavy position. From January 26th to February 6th, the city is pushing its eateries and wine country using the lure of cinema with a food lover’s series of events called "Film Feast 2012."

Pretty as a picture Photo: Kev Cole via Flickr

Coinciding with the star-studded Santa Barbara International Film Festival and the wider-reaching California Restaurant Month, this shebang is hosted by local organizations promoting both tourism and Downtown development and finds a handful of restaurants trying their best to tie food in with film themes.

To that end, several local establishments are bringing the drama tableside with menus themed to classic and contemporary films like Olio e Limone Ristorante’s La Dolce Vita menu and Adama’s Like Water for Chocolate inspiration.

In addition, there will be themed tasting menus, cooking classes, and wine tours in and around town along with hotel packages for out-of-town guests, all riffing on the food-and-film connection, no matter how tenuous at times. Additional details, as well as a list of participating places and hotel packages, are available online.