Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Notable Openings and Closings of 2011

Ray's at LACMA, a Favorite of 2011
Ray's at LACMA, a Favorite of 2011 Photo: Dustin Downing

Of all the year-end lists coming out this week, we’re super happy we didn’t attempt this one: Squid Ink’s incredibly comprehensive list–who has that kind of time?–of the most notable openings and closings of 2011. Some we diligently tracked and already love (Cooks County, Coolhaus and Ray’s and Stark Bar), a few are those that finally threw in the towel (Bastide, Ortolan), some we’ll miss terribly (Pal Cabron). While there are many highly anticipated spots on the horizon (Umamicatessen will be quite something, and will Eataly ever actually happen?), bets are already placed on which 2011 openings will be done before the end of 2012.

The Year In Restaurants: 2011 Openings and Closures [LAW]