Restaurant Wholesaler Hit by Russian Cyberthugs

Hope you paid with cash!
Hope you paid with cash! Photo: Courtesy Restaurant Depot

The national, industry-only chain Restaurant Depot/Jetro calls itself the place "where restaurants shop." Locally, over on Hamilton Avenue in the monoxide shade of the BQE, Jetro is a wonderfully dingy microcosm of small-business owners navigating creaky U-boats laden with fryer oil and canned tomatoes through massive warehouse aisles that are also teeming with beeping, swiveling forklifts. But the Costco-like business was also subject to a nasty bout of Russian malware recently, according to a letter from its president. Somehow, that seems about right, but probably won’t slow anything down too much: Most of the Depot’s customers pay in cash, peeled from bulging, rubber-banded wads of bills kept in their front pockets. [Long Island Firearms via Gawker]