France’s Fast-Casual Planetalis Opens Today in Downtown

Planetalis Photo: Planetalis

Brigham Yen introduces us to Planetalis today, a newly opened French cafe chain that comes from le homeland under the same name. This is the sustainable company’s first U.S. store, taking over a Famima in Downtown with recycled materials covering the space for a menu of salads, pastas, sandwiches, savory pies, and burgers of various real and faux meats from chef Kyle Moore, who apparently created his beef burger after sampling L.A.’s best. The burgers get an early nod of approval from Yen, who digs both the flavor and the price. Check out the menu online, but proceed with caution, as it may leave you with an inexplicable urge to tinkle. 800 S. Figueroa St. Downtown. [Brigham Yen via LAist]