Pavlos and Abby Sierros Out at Souvlaki GR, Planning New Venture

Souvlaki GR will keep on truckin'. Photo: Melissa Hom/Staff or Contracted

Grub learns that Pavlos and Abby Sierros, who co-founded the Souvlaki GR restaurant and truck, are no longer involved with the operation. "After more than a year of all-out commitment to the Souvlakitruck and the restaurant that was born of it, the couple have decided to move on to other endeavors, citing a difference in business philosophy as the reason for the split," a statement said.

We reached out to the remaining owner, Kostas Plagos, for comment, but have not heard back; however, his sister-in-law Tina Plagos did tell us that the restaurant will not change and is in fact looking to expand. Meanwhile, Abby Sierros tells us she and Pavlos have signed a lease elsewhere on the LES. "The menu will consist of the food that makes us happy and that we've grown up with ... regardless of its cultural origin," she writes. There will be some Greek and Italian food, but "I wouldn't call it a Mediterranean menu. It's simply the food we love."