What a Long Strange Trip for Evan Kleiman

Evan Kleiman
Evan Kleiman Photo: Facebook

"We’ve watched you meet, date, get married, have kids, and send kids to college. You’ve written lots of words at our tables and had fights about who should direct and why this scene isn’t working. You’ve hid from employers and lovers and brought them in to meet us. You’ve had sex in the bathrooms (thanks for that btw), gone into labor in front of the pizza oven and nearly died from choking on a piece of Angeli bread. You’ve celebrated births, bris(es?), innumerable birthdays from 1 to 90+, wedding and baby showers, rehearsal dinners, going away, coming back and just because." – Evan Kleiman and her Angeli Caffe family, in the email to friends and fans about the closing of her Melrose restaurant. [GS]