‘Occupy Tujunga’ Seeks to Save Henry’s Tacos

Henry's Tacos Photo: Occupy Tujunga via Facebook

Following the news that 50-year-old Henry’s Tacos is struggling with its upcoming lease negotiations and could be lost to L.A. forever, Thrillist editor Jeff Miller is taking a stand, vowing not to take a loss of Henry’s sitting down. The San Fernando Valley native is organizing irate chowhounds into "Occupy Tujunga," what he calls "a very loose coalition of taco eaters dedicated to going to Henry’s and eating tacos in protest."

Henry's Tacos Photo: Occupy Tujunga via Facebook

The first meeting will be held at Henry’s at 12:30 P.M. this Monday afternoon to show stubborn landlord Mehran Ebrahimpour just who’s the boss around here. Signs, hoodies, and wheat-paste are optional. So, how serious is Mr. Miller, AKA the David Mead of gringo tacos?

The editor answers Grub Street, "Well, I am going there to eat tacos on Monday with anyone else who would like to eat tacos. I’m also trying to draw visibility to this very serious issue. So I have called it "Occupy Tujunga" and put out a call to arms on Facebook. Whether it’s a serious movement or just an excuse to eat tacos at Henry’s is really in the eye of the beholder."

Miller set up a Facebook page today (the proposed chant? "Hell no, burrito!") to support Henry’s and is already amassing soldiers against the one-percent of people who would probably rather see a Chipotle here than a Henry’s.

Join up to save Henry’s or discredit them as a bunch of unwashed hippies "sleeping in their own feces and urine." The choice is your’s.

Occupy Tujunga! Help Save Henry’s Tacos [Facebook]

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