Yep, That’s Nigella Lawson Covered in Caramel on a New Magazine Cover

This looks familiar. Photo: Stylist

Covering attractive women in some sort of pliable foodstuff is a classic magazine move, and today Eater calls attention to the latest play on the theme: Nigella Lawson's face, dripping with caramel, on the cover of Stylist magazine from the U.K. Yowza! But how does it rank when held up against all the other times this aesthetic theme has been explored?

Our knowledge of the subject isn't exhaustive, but still. There was that time Esquire dumped Giada De Laurentiis into a vat of tomatoes; and our own New York poured honey all over artist Jennifer Rubell; and let's not forget about the time Terry Richardson convinced actress Josie Maran to spray some straight-from-the-udder milk all over her face. But we've still got to give the nod to the 2001 Esquire cover (their photo department really likes girls in food, apparently) that featured Monica Bellucci covered in caviar, if only because it reminds us of the days when a print magazine could actually afford all that caviar.

Nigella: "My love affair with salted caramel" [Stylist via Eater]