Nhu Lan To Open Nhu Lan’s Saigon Subs in Lakeview

Pork belly banh mi at Nhu Lan Bakery.
Pork belly banh mi at Nhu Lan Bakery. Photo: Cherrylet via Flickr

Nhu Lan Bakery on west Lawrence is beloved by ethnic-food foodies for some of the best banh mi, the Vietnamese sandwiches which combine Asian and French influence, in town. Although on the west coast there are banh mi chains which have made them as American as tacos and eggrolls, in Chicago they’re only just beginning to become an everyday lunch option for non-Vietnamese, at places like Saigon Sisters in the French Market. Now Nhu Lan is making an effort to be at the front of the trend by opening a more accessible version of its shop in Lakeview. They’ve bought the former Cloud 9 snow ice (a form of Asian dessert) shop at 604 W. Belmont, which closed earlier this year, and will open Nhu Lan’s Saigon Subs next year. May it be as successful as Jimmy John’s, is all we have to say.