Now Mapped: Your Macaron Fix

The term "macaronathon" has officially been trademarked.

Owing to recent bouts of patisserie mania, the American Almond Products Company went out and trademarked the name Macaronathon, and now, for your delectation, they've created a handy Google map of places that sell macarons in the the city. It all boils down to a couple dozen spots overwhelmingly located in Manhattan. We learn from the map that there's a serious dearth of macarons in Queens, the Bronx, and even Brooklyn. (Perhaps unsurprisingly, Staten Island has no macarons to speak of.) If this were a detective versus serial killer movie, looking at all of these dropped pin points would cause some prolonged staring, frustrated forehead rubbing, and, finally, some kind of epiphany about the emergent pattern. But this is real life, and looking at the map just makes us hungry. Does this mean I Θ NY could replace I ♥ NY once and for all? Who knows, but it appears this macaron thing is not isolated to the city, and it's getting bigger: "Check back often as we expand our map across the country," say the almond folks. [Macaronathon, Earlier]