Has Masa Discovered the Ultimate Hangover Cure?

The Dirty Diablo. No, not Cody. Photo: CBH

Grub receives word that Masa’s masterful Phil Aviles has concocted a bold way to end up in jail or in a coma hangover potion. His "Dirty Diablo" boasts a brew of 22 ingredients and must be imbibed through a straw in one brave, possibly desperate gulp. A release that surfaced in our inbox notes that it’s "layered with stimulants" like chili peppers and in-house infused habanero tequila, shaken until ice cold in olive juice and black pepper, and ultimately topped with a pinch of chipotle. (Because, really, nothing eases the pain of a hangover like the pain of heartburn.)

The Dirty Diablo. No, not Cody. Photo: CBH

At $10 a pop, we think this strong shooter would work even better at the beginning of the evening, particularly for the frugal drinker. After a couple, you won’t need to go anywhere else … except, perhaps, to the pharmacy for a sack of Rolaids.

Where do you go to relieve your hangover? If you have a preferred local rehab watering hole, let us know in the comments.