Marc Murphy’s Breakfast in Bed, and Other Morning-After Offerings

Diet starts tomorrow after tomorrow.

In addition to the comprehensive hangover guide Grub Street gave you last week and the obvious solution (stay sober-ish!), here are a few morning-after brunches that are kind of interesting and come complete with bacon.

For $225, Benchmarc Events by Marc Murphy will bring brunch for ten to fifteen people to your door (why ten to fifteen people have slept over is your business). The menu promises to deliver all your cravings practically into your bedroom, with, obviously, bloody Mary mix.

At Benoit, for $16, you can sample an unlimited amount of classic French desserts, cakes, tarts, pastries, and creamy delights. Think: tarte tatin, tarte tropezienne, Paris-brest and Opera Cake.

Marble Lane is food-pushing “hangover specials” all day, and don't forget the unlimited drinks at Yerba Buena Perry for $12 per hour.