Lucky Peach: Gunnin’ for That No. 1 Spot on the Times Best Seller List

The bass is obviously pumped.

Standard operating procedure for a lot of food magazines this time of year is an attempt to reinvent the cornucopia, and proffer the best and most burnished turkey imaginable for the holiday issue's cover. But what happens when your cover model is a striped bass, freshly caught off Long Island and drooling blood? You hit the top of the Times Paperback Advice & Miscellaneous Best Seller list, apparently: This weekend, the second issue of McSweeney's food magazine Lucky Peach debuts at the No. 3 spot, just behind advice books The Five Love Languages and What to Expect When You're Expecting.

Co-editor David Chang tweeted the news, accompanied with a happy "whoa." Whoa, indeed, and congratulations! And while the magazine is not due to release its next issue until March, might we suggest a surefire best-selling strategy? Get those Five Love Language guys to pen an article about gifting your loved one with their favorite snack. Receiving gifts, after all, is one of those five "languages." David Chang + romantically inclined casu marzu = best seller, 4-EVA.

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