Lucky Cheng’s: Knocked Down, Dragged Out, For Sale

How about a burger spot? Photo: Younga Park

What happens when your top pick drag queen restaurant, with its prime locale and catchy tourist trap leitmotifs, finally gets pushed out of the East Village by an influx of local, sustainable, chef-counter places under the control of ex-Noma stagiaires? Well, if this is any indication, Lucky Cheng’s, home of the "open-faced wonton" and neon cocktails served in "orgy bowls," is on the market.

How about a burger spot? Photo: Younga Park

A source tells Grub Street that the restaurant’s owner, Hayne Suthon, is once again seeking to relocate the whole enchilada to a more occidental location, namely Times Square. In the meantime, $25,000 a month gets you three liquor licenses and a two-floor kitchen. "Could be something along the lines of Beauty on Essex [sic]," says the listing. For better or worse, it totally could be.

Lucky Cheng’s/Bento Burger [Loopnet]
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