Kutsher’s Is the Latest Non-Chinese Restaurant to Offer a Chinese Special

Everybody do the Peking duck ...
Everybody do the Peking duck ... Photo: iStockphoto

Last week we brought you a bevy of places to eat Chinese food on Christmas, and now here’s one more: Kutsher’s Tribeca. The Jewish-American spot will offer a $39 three-course Chinese prix fixe on Christmas Eve, Christmas, and — here’s the most exciting part — every Sunday thereafter. Think such fare as matzo-ball wonton soup, a steamed pastrami bun, or char-siu glazed salmon (scope the full set menu below). This rather reminds us of another non-Chinese restaurant doing Chinese Sundays, namely, Parm. We popped in the other week to see what a $25 "Chinese" plate would entail, and the answer was fried wonton strips with spicy mustard, Chinese-style pork ribs over fried rice, and a delicious side of broccoli drenched in garlic sauce. M. Wells used to do Chinese fare like Peking duck before it closed, so that makes three places, and, by lifestyle journalist standards, a trend. Other restaurants, your move.

Everybody do the Peking duck ...
Everybody do the Peking duck ... Photo: iStockphoto


Choice of Appetizer

Mrs K’s Matzo Ball Wonton Soup

roast duck, chicken wontons, baby bok choy, sesame oil and scallions

Steamed Pastrami Bun

sliced pickles, carrots and hoisin

Steamed Vegetable Bun

pickled Chinese vegetables, cilantro and hoisin

Choice of Entree

Szechuan Beef

skirt steak with baby bok choy, green beans, garlic, ginger and Szechuan peppercorns

Lotus Chicken

flowering chives, lotus, jicama, black beans and candied ginger

Char Sui Glazed Salmon

rice wine vinegar cucumber salad

- all entrees served with jasmine rice


Ice Cream Selection - Chocolate, Vanilla or Salted Carmel and Fortune Cookies