Small-Batch, Locally Sourced, Preservative-Free Sriracha Is Here

Peppers, you'll be sriracha soon.

It was only a matter of time before a small-batch sririacha sauce hit the market. The stuff, after all, is everywhere: We know that Bart Simpson is a huge fan and that you can certainly endeavor to make your own, but for whatever reason, there haven't really been any craft-food versions of the sauce amid all of the small-food-producer boomlets during the last few years. Until now, that is. Huy Fong is the most recognizable manufacturer, and Jojo's sauce aims to be a new go-to option for people interested in — dare we say it? — artisanal cock sauce.

Here's how it came to be: Sugar, you may know, is the second ingredient of pretty much all store-bought sriracha sauce. Like many of us, Jolene Collins was experiencing srirachamania (the chronic condition marked by squeezing the sauce on all foods), but she'd cut processed sugar from her diet. For Collins, the solution was her home version, Jojo's, which she intends to put into retail circulation in January.

Unlike Huy Fong, which is made with red jalapeños, Jojo's sauce is made with different varieties of peppers and coordinates with local farms that don't use chemicals. Locally, that includes Jo's (no relation) cayenne peppers from the Queens County Farm and cherry bombs from Pennsylvania's Eckerton Hill Farm. Collins currently has three versions ready to go; other ingredients include organic vinegar, palm sugar, garlic, sea salt, and the small-batch requisite love.

This Saturday, from 1 to 5 p.m., Collins will join nine other local producers at the first Slow Food Show, which goes down at Jimmy's No. 43. Tickets are $10 for Saturday; all proceeds benefit Slow Food NYC. In addition, the vendors will also bring their products to New Amsterdam Market on Sunday for samples.