Jacques Pépin Is Apparently Building a Cruise-Ship-Restaurant Mini-Empire

Pépin. Photo: Melissa Hom

Jean-Georges isn’t the only chef headed out to sea: USA Today brings word that Jacques Pépin will lend his name to a second restaurant aboard an Oceania cruise ship.

Pépin. Photo: Melissa Hom

Pépin already serves as the "executive culinary director" for Oceania, and there’s a Jacques restaurant on the line’s Marina ship. Who knew? The new restaurant, also called Jacques, will be going on a boat called the Riviera, which "is scheduled to debut in April 2012 in the Mediterranean." USA Today also notes that "there will be no extra charge for dining at Pepin’s eatery on Riviera, although passengers will need to make reservations in advance."

Celebrity chef Jacques Pepin to open another eatery at sea [USAT]
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