ink. is Inktroducing Michael Voltaggio’s $70 Tasting Menus in 2012

Voltaggio, talking menus at ink.
Voltaggio, talking menus at ink. Photo: Kevin Eats

With the arrival of 2012 comes the debut of Michael Voltaggio’s tasting menus at ink. The chef plans changing multi-course menus that start at $70 per person, with additional libation pairings priced at $45. The menus will deliver the chef’s "omakase experience" to a wider range of restaurant goers than the eight sitting at the omakase bar. On the ink. website, the restaurant predicts that the tasting menus, stuck at a fixed price, will mark a certain coming together of the ink. experience that will "bridg[e] the two original concepts while maintaining accessibility," allowing guests to either go a la carte or put their dinner in the hands of Voltaggio and his team, while the restaurant’s open kitchen extends the idea of the open omakase bar. The tasting menus will also be served at the bar itself, with the introduction of the new option coming on New Year’s Eve.