Singer-Songwriter Ingrid Michaelson Adores String Cheese, Collects Martha Stewart Recipes

She wouldn't "Be OK" without lemon water, granola bars, and frittatas. Photo: Melissa Hom

Musician Ingrid Michaelson may have a new album, Human Again, coming out January 24, and her fifth annual "Holiday Hop" show sold out fast, but despite all the critical success, Michaelson's eating habits — from cheese sandwiches to orange soda — are humble and harmonious. (Not to mention versatile, with bowls of Rice Krispies and homemade vegan chocolate ice cream thrown in for good measure.) See how the easygoing songstress, who lives in Prospect Heights with her musician husband and dog named Shep Proudfoot, can even find pleasure in a Starbucks snack box in this week's New York Diet.

Friday, November 25
I ate so much on Thursday but somehow I woke up surprisingly hungry. I wanted something simple and light, so I went for my trusty Rice Krispies and covered them in ice-cold almond milk. I know it's a kiddie cereal, but there is something really satisfying about them. Most mornings, I drink Awake tea with soy milk and one sugar. I hate coffee — always have!

My husband and I went to the Union Square Christmas Fair and I got a poppy seed pretzel with mustard because they smelled too good to resist. But shopping always makes me hungry, so we also stopped at Whole Foods and I threw together a big salad. I put spinach, tuna and macaroni salad, peas, artichoke hearts, curry chicken salad, cabbage, and a hard-boiled egg in a container, poured red wine vinegar and a bit of olive oil on top, and shook it up. That, paired with an Orange Gus soda, satisfied greatly.

For dinner i made a frittata with spinach, garlic, onions, and Parmesan cheese. I like eating frittatas because they are filling and protein-rich. I also use one egg and three egg whites to make it a very healthy meal. We don't really drink alcohol with dinner. I also hate beer! Is that lame?

Saturday, November 26
For breakfast I ate Rice Krispies with almond milk ... again. Don't judge me.

I made a sandwich with Cheddar cheese, mustard, mayonnaise, and arugula on whole wheat bread for lunch. I drink a lot of lemon and water, lemon and seltzer; my bag is actually filled with these True Lemon packets which are like the equivalent of a lemon wedge and so good.

I spent the rest of the day baking for a dinner party that I was throwing the next night. Most of my recipes are from food magazines. Okay, most are from Martha Stewart magazines. I baked two loaves of French bread, a chocolate tart, and made some vegan chocolate "ice cream." The tart went into the fridge and the bread and "ice cream" went into the freezer for the next night.

I was too tired to whip something up for my actual dinner, so we ordered in from the Burrito Bar in Prospect Heights. I had tortilla soup (and added my own avocado) and mini chicken tacos. Then I finished off the last of the chocolate peanut toffee that I had made for Thanksgiving. After dinner I reminded my husband that we have to go back to Waverly Inn before the holidays are over — the fire and low ceilings must be so nice around now.

Sunday, November 27
That morning I had a peanut butter Kashi granola bar for breakfast, I eat those a lot. I knew that dinner i was making for the party was going to be huge, so I started off small.

I made another sandwich for lunch. This food log is making me realize how boring I am! Plus my old-lady Martha Stewart magazine collection, ah! Anyway, it was just cheese and mustard greens on whole wheat.

For our dinner party, I made a large pot of hearty vegetable and barley soup served over mustard greens. That coupled with the vegan stuffed mushrooms and French bread — with LOTS of butter — that I had made the previous day. I generally don't like the taste of alcohol, but I'm okay with the sweeter stuff, so I also made Champagne cocktails with a tablespoon of cranberry juice concentrate and a few cranberries thrown in as a garnish.

We played board games after dinner and ate the chocolate tart. I couldn't make it through the whole piece because it was so rich!

Monday, November 28
I woke up late. I had to go to the studio and rehearse for a show coming up. I threw together some Greek yogurt, agave, and raw almonds for breakfast and ran out the door.

My lunch was very unimpressive — a Starbucks snack box. It was very tasty, though. There were string beans and tuna salad, Cheddar cheese, tomatoes, and crackers. I ate at the studio while waiting to get into our rehearsal room. It was satisfying, but my bandmate was eating a Thanksgiving meal on a sandwich and I was a bit jealous ...

After rehearsal, I met my husband at Macy's to look at the windows and to see Santa. Yes, that's right. I got to sit on his lap. Creepy or festive?

After that we went to Andrew's Coffee Shop right down the street and grabbed food. I had a cup of mushroom barley soup, a turkey, bacon, and Cheddar panini, and a side order of sweet potato fries. I can never say no to sweet potato fries.

Tuesday, November 29
I made a strawberry, banana, and orange juice smoothie for breakfast. I bought the Ninja Blender after watching a late-night infomercial convinced me to. It is kind of amazing.

This afternoon I did the photo shoot for this story at the wonderful NYC family-owned franchise Bare Burger. I had to order something because it smelled too good not to. For lunch I ordered the bison sliders (you can choose beef, turkey, bison, elk, ostrich, or veggie). All the meat is organic and grass-fed, and you can tell. I only ate one, but doggie-bagged the other two and brought them home.

I never like to waste food, so I reheated the two leftover sliders and made a salad to go along with them for dinner. I also ate a piece of string cheese. I adore string cheese. It's not fancy, but it's so good.

Wednesday, November 30
Woke up and made something I like to call "Ingrid's Winter Breakfast," which is like a five-grain cereal that I heat on the stovetop — because I got rid of my microwave — and add honey and almonds. You can just feel how good it is going down.

I sang at an event around lunchtime and they ordered sushi. I'm pretty tame when it comes to my sushi eating, but I really do like the ritual of it. My brother says wasabi is an "up spice," because it sort of just dissipates up into the air, and I like that, as well as using chopsticks.

My cousin Andy designs the windows for Anthropologie at Rock Center, so he invited me to their tree-lighting party. Snacked on popcorn and hot apple cider, complete with candy cane, there. Then I stopped at my favorite Thai place, Born, and ordered some Pad See Ew to go. I love the broad noodles and slightly sweet taste of this dish. Because I left the lighting early, I got to watch it from the warmth of my couch with a big bowl of food in my lap!