On The Verge of Landmark Status, Henry’s Tacos Could Lose Its Lease

Exhibit A: One gringo taco Photo: TheCulinaryGeek via Flickr

This past Tuesday, the website NoHo Arts District declared North Hollywood Tex-Mex institution Henry’s Tacos to be "50 years in North Hollywood and Going Strong," a natural assumption based on the landmark status being pushed by the founder’s descendants, fans, and The Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission (and somewhere, Tony Danza). Today, the picture looks a little different, as The Daily News reports that the restaurant’s lease is almost up and the landlord is being a Grade-A Grinch about renewing it.

Exhibit A: One gringo taco Photo: TheCulinaryGeek via Flickr

Henry’s lease is expiring at the end of the month and Moorpark Real Investment’s Mehran Ebrahimpour, owner of the property, reportedly does not want to extend the lease, nor does he support the restaurant gaining landmark status, reminding us of Irv’s Burgers, which had its own struggles to survive opposition from Seltzer Commercial Real Estate, it landlord, while awaiting historic status approval.

The story describes Ebrahimpour as "visibly angry," refusing to make comment while someone at his office hung up on a reporter. Janis Hood, the grand-daughter of Henry’s founder, is facing a rough holiday season, telling the paper "my lease expires Dec. 31, and I’m just concerned about not having a business."

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