Harvard Students Might Get a Kosher Restaurant; Supreme Court Justices Pen Cookbook Tribute


• Rami’s, Brookline’s kosher Israeli restaurant, might open a second location in Harvard Square. The Crimson notes that current kosher options for Harvard students are "limited." [Crimson]

• We told you everyone is writing cookbooks: Now the Supreme Court justices have gone and put together a recipe tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s late husband, Martin. [NPR]

• Letting kids drink alcohol from a young age, like the French do, isn’t such a hot idea. [Salt/NPR]

• There’s not going to be much of a corn surplus next year, which could keep U.S. food prices high. [USAT]

• Put down that package of cookie dough you were about to have for breakfast: eating it raw could infect you with e.Coli. [NYDN]