Gabriel Stulman on Scopa, His New Project on Minetta Lane

Another member of the religion of Keith McNally. Photo: Melissa Hom

Earlier today, Eater announced that restaurateur-on-fire Gabriel Stulman (Joseph Leonard, Jeffrey's Grocery, Fedora) is opening Scopa in the old Bellavitae space, a few feet down from Minetta Tavern. So much talent on such a little block! Grub Street spoke to Stulman about the location, design details, and what it means to be next to such a (timelessly) hot spot.

"We are excited to be down the street from Minetta Tavern and don't see us as competing with them at all — in fact, that is a competition I am certain we would lose," Stulman tells Grub. "Riad and Lee are friends, and Keith is the restaurateur I probably admire the most, so we look forward to having more excuses to go to Minetta Tavern."

As for design? Stulman says Scopa will "be like all of the other restaurants, a collaborative effort of mine and my wife Gina's."