Four & Twenty Blackbirds Rolls Out New Holiday Pie

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Welcome to the world, Egg ‘N’ Grog pie. Photo: Donny Tsang

Youd think that with Thanksgiving over and having met their target of 800 pies baked and sold for that holiday, the lovely ladies over at Four & Twenty Blackbirds would let up a bit and stop tempting us with dessert. Nope. No dice. Not a chance. The way they look at it: You can never have too much pie, and a holiday without one is like Christmas in Whoville without roast beast. And so theyve been busy out in Gowanus experimenting with crusts and fillings, all the while perfecting a brand-new concoction called Egg N Grog pie. Essentially, they say, its an eggnog custard with a gingerbread crust. To us, it sounds like something that might finally bridge the gap between Cosby-sweater-wearing eggnog lovers and grumpy eggnog haters. Order online at