Feel the Burn: Crusade Against Jerk Chicken Continues


While the fire that temporarily closed Cochinita in Prospect Heights (the taqueria reopened over the weekend) did not start inside the restaurant, some residents of Lefferts Gardens may be worried that the nonstop jerk chicken grilling operations taking place in an alleyway behind Peppa's are a safety and fire hazard.

According to Brooklyn Daily, the revered restaurant is so popular that it "sometimes has to fire up a grill in a back alley late into the night to keep up with demand," billowing smoke from oil drum rigs, which then pours onto the street and into the headlamps of evening traffic, wafts blocks in every direction, and keeps people up at night. Presumably, those who can sleep have been dreaming about spicy thigh meat and pimento wood.

Jerk chicken smoke inflames Flatbush! [Brooklyn Daily]