And Now: Two New Hangover Cures to Get You Through the Holidays

Probably gonna feel less groovy tomorrow morning. Photo: iStockphoto

This month is a marathon of parties for one and all, and so with that in mind, we give you a couple of new developments on the perennially important hangover-cure beat. First off, the FDA today approved a new over-the-counter pill called Blowfish, which claims to relieve hangover symptoms within fifteen minutes. We’re a little skeptical, since it’s called Blowfish all it is is a big dose of aspirin, along with caffeine and a stomach-calming agent, and that stuff alone does not sound like it will get us out of bed before 3 p.m. if we hit a nine or ten on the hangover-Richter scale. But then, via Gourmet Live, we also have a helpful pro tip from Bay Area bartender Scott Beattie, who once dated an EMT. That tip: Get an IV drip, stat.

Probably gonna feel less groovy tomorrow morning. Photo: iStockphoto

Beattie explains that his ex-girlfriend would go to conventions where there’d be a few thousand EMTs. “The first night [of the convention] they’d all go out and get wasted," he explains. "The next day they’d give each other IV fluids. I’m told it’s a 100 percent, surefire cure." Furthermore, Gourmet Live inquires among some EMTs who say that a "banana bag" — an IV solution with thiamine, folic acid, and a yellow-tinted multivitamin solution — is their preferred post-rager drip of choice.

So, this drunken holiday season, perhaps you should ask Santa for your own personal EMT.

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