Do or Dine Does All-Day Brunch, Beginning This Sunday

It will look like this, but with more hung-over customers. Photo: Noah Fecks

This weekend, Do or Dine — Bed-Stuy’s best-known purveyor of foie-gras-filled doughnuts — will begin its version of all-day Sunday brunch. While owners Justin Warner and George McNeese continue as culinary directors, most of the new menu came from the mind of former Roberta’s brunch maestro Nick Subic. “I wanted the menu to be fun in a way we can only do here, but while still following some brunch guidelines,” Subic says. So far the lineup includes their infamous foie doughnut ($9, available off menu), Scotch-style deviled eggs with cilantro and sausage ($5), beef-brisket sausage and gravy ($11), and inch-thick caramel-apple griddlecakes with parsnip and ginger ($8). No coffee yet, but the menu helpfully suggests picking some up at nearby Bedford Hill. The plan is to serve brunch on Sundays from 2 to 10 p.m., but the restaurant will probably be closing a little earlier than that for at least the next couple of weeks. (We’d advise calling beforehand.) In the meantime, check out the full menu, straight ahead.

It will look like this, but with more hung-over customers. Photo: Noah Fecks

Small Plates:
Scotch E666s
Culantro and sausage $5
With bacalao and chorizo $6

A Biscuit
Butter, grape jam $3

Some Bacon or Some Sausage
On a plate $4

Gouda, cheddar, masago sour cream $7

Big Plates:
Nutella Gingrich
A giant flapjack, absolutely bananas $9

Briskets and Gravy
The only time beef sausage was excellent $11

Caramel Apple Griddlecake
Parsnip, ginger $8

Hangover Helper
Pile of eggy noodles and lamb bits $9

Berunchu Ramen
Array of ideal toppings $12

Wake and Bake(d) Eggs
Roots and leaves $10

A Chicken and Woffals
Clove, maple, blood orange $20

Do or Dine, 1108 Bedford Ave., nr. Lexington Ave., Bedford-Stuyvesant; 718-684-2290

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