Di Fara Asks You Not to Judge Restaurants by Their Letter Grades

They've looked at pies from both sides now.

Revered Midwood pizza restaurant Di Fara has fired off its latest salvo in the ongoing struggle to reform the inspection protocols of the Department of Health. Dom DeMarco's daughter Margaret writes (on Facebook) that while the critical food-safety violations that led to a temporary closure after the November 16 inspection were addressed and the restaurant received only six noncritical violation points upon reinspection a week later (normally constituting an A grade), the Department nonetheless "chose to put the uncomfortable 'grade pending' card on our window." A search on the DOH's website reveals that although the restaurant was authorized to reopen on November 23 and its current status is "graded," no letter grade appears on its results page. Meanwhile, De Marco writes, "What I ask from the public is please do not judge a food service business by the card in their window," adding an e-mail address "if there are any questions you wish to have answered regarding our inspections and traumatic experiences with the D.O.H." [Di Fara/Facebook, Earlier]