Clio Rolls Out ‘Classics’ Menu Before Closing for Renovations


Ken Oringer plans to close Clio in mid-January to do some renovations in honor of the restaurant’s 15th birthday. Before shutting down, though, he’ll pay tribute to the place with a "greatest hits" menu featuring some of the restaurant’s most popular dishes of the past, present … and future. Feast your eyes on the limited-time $125 menu, available from January 9-14, ahead.


Tomato Water Martini
Basil Oil, Caperberry and Tomato “Popsicle”
(The non-alcoholic cocktail has been offered as an amuse bouche since Clio opened back in 1997.)

Island Creek Oysters
Cranberry Verjus, Osetra Caviar, Lily White
(Clio celebrates its 10-year friendship with Island Creek Oysters by showcasing the local product. How sweet!)

Cassolette of Sea Urchin and Lobster
Parsnip Milk, Crispy Shallots, Candied Lemon
(Oringer thinks it’s the best dish ever created at Clio. He beat Iron Chef Cat Cora on “Iron Chef America" with it, too.)

60° Poached Egg
White Asparagus, Crunchy Maple, Jamon Foam
(Clio was an immersion circulator pioneer.)

Celery Root Mousseline
Truffle Fondue, Bitter Cocoa
(Oringer was inspired working alongside Ferran Adrià in the laboratory at El Bulli. This was the first foam preparation to have ever been served at Clio 14 years ago.)

Lacquered Foie Gras
Sweet and Sour Lemon, Wild Ginger, Bee Pollen
(This dish features local Cape Cod bee pollen and Hudson Valley foie gras made by Oringer’s former college roommate. Who knew?)

Venison Cooked In Espresso Oil
Smoked Celery Root, Persimmon, Mugolio Jus
(This one’s new, a sneak peek at what the menu will look like post-renovation.)

“Textures” of Winter Citrus
L’orange Sanguine, Aloe Ice, Hibiscus Sorbet
(An updated version of a signature dessert created by former Clio Pastry Chef Alex Stupak.)

Milk Chocolate Geode
Hazelnut Sorbet, Milk Powder, Chicory Crumble
(An updated version of a signature dessert created by former Clio Pastry Chef Rick Billings.)