Casa del Mar Puts The Buzz Back Into Tea Service

You make tea time lots of fun... Photo: Calgary Reviews via Flickr

In today’s L.A., high tea is just a doctor’s recommendation away. But for everyone who doesn’t have a Dr. Nick Riviera in their lives, Santa Monica’s Casa del Mar has unveiled a new "high tea" trolley that pairs booze with loose leaf. Available through January, the hotel has a mobile mixologist on the case with a cart full of customizable ingredients, intent on infusing fresh fruits, herbs, and liquor labels into different preps of tea like a "Liquid Jade" of green tea infused with vodka, lemon, yogurt, and cinnamon, and a "Beach Flower" with green, jasmine, or amaranth tea infused with tequila reposado, agave syrup, and lime. The four recipes should be enough to keep both your pinky finger, and your spirits, lifted as you make your way into 2012. The "high tea" service is available from 3:30-6:30 P.M. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday and the full menu is below.

You make tea time lots of fun... Photo: Calgary Reviews via Flickr

Casa del Mar’s High Tea Trolley


Beach Flower
Green Tea, Amaranth and Jasmin
Infused with
Tequilla Reposado, Agave Nectar and Lime

Vanilla Berry
Vanilla Blossoms, Hibiscus, Rooibos, Black Currant
Infused with
Spiced Rum, Snap

Black Peony
Darjeeling Black Tea
Infused with
Bourbon, Cointreau, Agave Nectar

Liquid Jade
Variety of Green Tea
Infused with
Vodka, Lemon, Yogurt, Cinnamon