Bootleg Liquor Kills 115 in India; McDonald’s Pretends to Be Farm-to-Table

• Yikes: Bootleg liquor laced with methanol was responsible for 115 deaths in eastern India, primarily among poor people who couldn’t afford state-sanctioned liquor shops. [NPR]

• Is a zero-calorie ramen noodle too good to be true? One reporter goes to the front lines to find out. [Slate]

• McDonald’s is getting into the farm-to-table movement with ads that feature one of its potato farmers. Ugh, this charade is even worse than everyone using the word "artisanal." [NRN]

• A hailstorm of apples, caused by freak weather conditions that had swept them up into the air, rained down on motorists in Coventry, U.K., the other night. [Telegraph UK]

• Sorry if you had your hopes pinned on that Pink Teacup location coming to Harlem — those plans have been axed in favor of making the place a wine bar. [DNA Info]