Watch Ex-Football Player Bill Romanowski’s Fantastically Nuts Bacon Rant


When they recently stopped by a local food bank, the Oakland Raiders were applauded for showing a soft side. However, some critics feel the team, whose serious lack of defense has them facing no postseason time, is too soft and playing it too safe. One of those people: former award-winning linebacker and genera all-around-crazy-talker Bill Romanowski, who makes the case that the players need to approach the game the way they should approach bacon: Don’t just go to the grocery store and buy it — go out and hunt the wild boar yourself. Yes, he’s talking about football, but it’s applicable to all areas of daily life when you think about it. Watch all the crazy, straight ahead.


Wakeup Call: Romanowski’s deranged Raiders bacon rant is a thing of wonder
[NBC Sports]