Bier Beisl Replacing Bottega Marino in Beverly Hills; Grindhaus Closes in Hollywood

Bier Beisl

An announcement went out this morning that Patina alumnus Bernhard Mairinger is opening an authentic Austrian trattoria (AKA a "beisl") named Bier Beisl in Beverly Hills, with sights set on a mid-January opening. The press rep promises a "casual meeting and dining place" for plentiful classic menu items "with a modern twist," plus more sausages on the scene, imported beer, and a communal dining table (AKA a "stammtisch") with its own special menu concept. But as Bier Beisl is coming, what, you may wonder, is going out?

Bier Beisl

Eater tells us that the forthcoming restaurant’s address happens to be that of Bottega Marino’s 90210 location, which is, sadly, now closed, despite the recent objections of Squid Ink. But in a little bit of tit-for-tat justice in the world of wurst, Eater also reports the closing of Hollywood’s Grindhaus, taking at least one sausage slinger out of the still-growing game.

Bier Beisl, 9669 North Santa Monica Blvd. Beverly Hills.