Barbara Lazaroff Shreds Spago’s Plastic Surgery Plans

Lazaroff, on that Patron Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Squeam-inducing Facebook squabbles between partners and exes are de rigeur these days. Today, The Hollywood Reporter relays details of a Facebook post made by Barbara Lazaroff, Spago’s outspoken co-founder and the ex-wife of Wolfgang Puck, slamming plans for the planned redesign of Spago under notable interior designer Waldo Fernandez. Lazaroff, the interior designer responsible for Spago’s interiors after it moved to 90210 from The Sunset Strip in 1997, asked over 3,000 so-called friends, "Why would my ex want to tear this restaurant apart? Change for change sake? A waste of money … but actually all ego?" Fortunately, that’s not all she has to say on the matter.

Lazaroff, on that Patron Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Lazaroff continued, "why rip out this gorgeous skylight and replace it with a flat clear one … who will clean the bird poop off it every day." She also objects to the removal of several paintings she commissioned for the space. Lazaroff, whose union ended with Puck in 2002, feels the change is a personal attack, arguing, "Why, for what other purpose than to say, Barbara’s design is going!"

The design diva goes on and on with minute criticisms on most every detail, from the "dysfunctional" stone work and an awning that comes straight "out of a Chicago Godfather bar." But she sums her entire position up with color when exclaiming, "I thought it was an episode of Ashton Kuchner’s Punk’d [sic] … it was an Episode of Pucked .. Ugly is Ugly."

Lazaroff wouldn’t permit The Hollywood Reporter to spill her private Facebook message’s contents, in which she stresses, "as the designer who did it all gratis, as an owner … it is time to speak up!" For now, she appears it have that base covered.

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