Algonquin Lobby Cat Can Roam Again — With Conditions

Matilda: now more shocking.
Matilda: now more shocking. Photo: Courtesy the Algonquin

Bust out the catnip, because Matilda the Algonquin lobby cat is a prisoner of the check-in desk no more. Diner’s Journal has it that the DOH-dissed feline is now roaming free once again — well, sort of. To keep Matilda from trespassing into areas where food and drink are served, the hotel has installed electric fencing on the cat. So now if she tries to steal over to the bar for a slurp of milk, she’ll be stopped by a round of electroshock. All’s well that ends well enough, we suppose, but we doubt Dalí’s ocelot ever got that kind of treatment at the St. Regis. [Diner’s Journal/NYT, Earlier]