The Ace Hotel is Coming Downtown, Will Stumptown and Garces Follow?

Andre the Giant has a twin bed
Andre the Giant has a twin bed Photo: Yoohoojuju via Flickr

The Ace Hotel, AKA Coachella’s crash pad, is coming Downtown, The Hollywood Reporter’s Gary Baum announces today. The hipster hotel has inked a deal to take over the Spanish-Gothic historic property at 933 S. Broadway, a building of Hollywood legend once used by Chaplin, Griffith, Fairbanks, and Pickford’s United Artists as a premiere screening hub. With the arrival of The Ace to L.A., the Stumptown speculation and Clyde Common chatter has already begun. Which is also our cue to officially wonder whether the news could bring Philly chef Jose Garces any closer to our City of Angels? [THR]